How To Quote House Cleaning & Housekeeping Jobs + Template

House cleaning quotes can be daunting for entrepreneurs. It’s important to include all the necessary information in order to provide an accurate quote for a potential client that will convert to a completed service and a paying customer, while still generating a profit for your business. In this article, we’ll outline what you should include in your house cleaning quote form and why it’s important. We’ll also provide a template that you can use to make sure you don’t forget anything important.


What To Include In Your House Cleaning Quote Form

Your Contact Information

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to include your contact information in your house cleaning quote form. This way, potential customers can reach out to you with any questions they may have about your services.

Business License Number & Certification Information

You’ll want to add your business license number and information regarding any certifications you hold. This adds credibility to your business and solidifies the customer’s confidence in your company.


Including your logo in your house cleaning quote form is a great way to build brand recognition. If you don’t have a logo, consider hiring a designer to create one for you.

Great Visual Design

A well-designed house cleaning quote form will help you stand out from your competition. Be sure to use colors and fonts that are consistent with your brand.

All Services You Will Provide

Be sure to list all of the services you will provide in your house cleaning quote form. This way, potential customers will know exactly what they’re getting when they hire you.

Prices For Each Service

Include the price for each service you provide in your house cleaning quote form. This will help potential customers budget for your services.


Factors To Consider When Setting Your House Cleaning Prices

Not sure how to set your house cleaning prices? There are a few factors to consider, including:

-House Size: The size of the house you’ll be cleaning will impact your pricing. Be sure to take this into account when quoting a job.

Number & Type of Rooms: The number of rooms in the house will also impact your pricing. If you will be cleaning multiple bathrooms or an over-sized kitchen, make note of these items, as well. Again, be sure to take this into account when quoting a job.

Condition of the House: The condition of the house will impact your pricing. If the house is in need of a deep clean, you’ll likely charge more than if it just needs a light cleaning.

Frequency of Cleaning: The frequency of cleaning will also impact your pricing. Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly rates will all be different.

Additional labor: If the house cleaning job will require additional employees, you’ll need to factor that into your pricing.

Special Services: If you offer any special services, such as window cleaning or carpet cleaning, be sure to include these in your quote form.

Discounts: If you offer any discounts, such as for seniors or first-time customers, be sure to include these in your house cleaning quote form, as well.


Template For Quoting House Cleaning Jobs

To help you get started, we’ve provided a template following. 


House Cleaning Quote Template

This house cleaning quote template can be used to provide potential customers with an estimate of your services. Simply fill out the form with the relevant information and send it to the customer.



Date:_____________________ Business License #____________


Name: ___________________________ Certification #_________________

Address: _________________________

Phone Number: ___________________

Email Address: __________________


Service 1: ____________________________

Service 2: ____________________________



Service 1: ____________________________

Service 2: ____________________________


DISCOUNTS (Do not include this section unless you offered a discount)

Discount: ___________________________

Total Cost: __________________________

Thank you for the opportunity to quote our service for you. It is my pleasure to offer the pricing and quality our company offers and I hope we will be able to serve you very soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if I can answer any questions for you. 


(Your name)