How To Hire Cleaners For Your Cleaning Business: Hiring Process, Interview Questions & More

If you’re looking to expand your cleaning business by hiring cleaners, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of how to hire great cleaners for your business. We’ll start by explaining how to make sure your business is ready for employees, and then we’ll move on to creating an accurate job description. Finally, we’ll offer some tips on how to conduct and ask questions in interviews.


Make Sure Your Business is Ready To Take On Employees

However, before we get started, let’s take a step back and make sure your business is actually ready to take on employees, including having a structured cleaning schedule template for employees.

There are a few things you should consider before making the jump to hiring:

-Do you have the financial stability to support additional employees?

-Do you have the physical space to accommodate additional employees?

-Do you have the time to train and manage additional employees?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you’re ready to start hiring cleaners.  Make sure you have an EIN issued by the IRS set up for your business, as well as any other required permits or licenses.


Create and Optimize an Accurate and Eye-Catching Job Description

The next step is to create a job description that accurately reflects the position you’re looking to fill. Be as specific as possible in your job listing, and make sure to include key duties and responsibilities, as well as any required skills or experience. You should also include information about your company culture so that potential applicants can get a sense of whether or not they would be a good fit within your company..

To make your job listing stand out, be sure to use strong and compelling language. You want potential applicants to be excited about the opportunity to work for your company. Don’t forget to include how to apply and where to send a resume.

Also, make sure to optimize your job listing for search engines. This will help ensure that potential applicants who are searching for cleaning jobs will be able to find your listing. Include relevant keywords, such as, “cleaning,” “housekeeping,” and “janitorial.”


Offer a Competitive Wage

When it comes to hiring cleaners, you’ll need to offer a competitive wage in order to attract the best candidates. Keep in mind that cleaners are in high demand, so you’ll need to offer a salary that is competitive with other businesses in your area.

You should also consider offering incentives, such as bonuses or paid time off. These can be great motivators for cleaners to choose your company over others.


Screen Candidates For Essential Skills and Qualities

Once you’ve created your job listing and began receiving applications, it’s time to start screening candidates. Look for applicants who have the essential skills and qualities that you’re looking for in a cleaner. These may include:

-Physical fitness: Cleaning can be a physically demanding job, so it’s important to hire cleaners who are physically fit.

-Attention to detail: Cleaners need to be able to pay close attention to detail in order to do a thorough job.

-Reliability: You’ll need to be able to count on your cleaners to show up on time and work their scheduled shifts.

-Experience: Look for applicants who have previous experience cleaning homes or businesses.

-Positive attitude: You want cleaners who are friendly and personable, as they will be representing your company.


Conducting Interviews

Now that you’ve created a job listing and found some qualified candidates, it’s time to start conducting interviews. When interviewing cleaners, there are a few key questions you should ask:

-What cleaning experience do you have?

-Do you have any experience with commercial cleaning?

-What cleaning methods do you prefer to use?

-How do you deal with difficult situations, such as stubborn stains?

-Are you comfortable working with chemicals?

-Are you comfortable talking with clients and/or resolving issues with clients in a solution-finding way?

-What part of your cleaning job is most enjoyable and rewarding for you? Which part is most discouraging for you?

-Do you have any questions for me about the job?

Asking these questions will help you get a better sense of each candidate’s qualifications and how they would fit into your company.


Check References

Before making a final decision, be sure to check each candidate’s references. This will give you an idea of their work ethic and how they interacted with previous clients or employers. Instead of checking only the most recent reference, go back in the work history to talk with employers from a decade prior or even earlier. This depth of checking will give you additional assurance that this potential employee is a great fit for your company.


Making a Hiring Decision

After you’ve interviewed all of the candidates and checked their references, it’s time to make a hiring decision. Choose the candidate who you feel is the best fit for the job and your company.

Congratulations! You’ve just hired your first cleaner. By following these steps, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible candidate for the job. With your training and a team that chooses to work together well, your company will be well on its way to many future successful cleaning jobs.

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