How To Bid on Cleaning Jobs & Contracts

When you’re starting your own cleaning business, one of the most important things you need to do is bid on cleaning jobs and contracts. This process can seem daunting at first, but with a little preparation, you can make sure your bid stands out from your competition. Here are some tips for bidding on cleaning jobs and contracts successfully.


The Process of Bidding on Jobs

Research Potential Clients

The first step in the process is to research potential clients. You can do this by searching online, talking to other businesses in the area, or attending trade shows and events.

Visit the Job Site

Once you’ve compiled a list of potential clients, you need to visit the job site. This will give you a better understanding of the scope of work that needs to be done.

Take the Measurements of the Space

When you’re at the job site, be sure to take the measurements of the space. This will help you determine how much time and money you’ll need to complete the job.

Take Notes on Everything That Needs to Be Done

As you’re walking through the space, take note of everything that needs to be done. Take photos of high-need areas or especially dirty areas. Make notes of specific needs, including cleaning the floors, dusting surfaces, and sanitizing bathrooms.

Discuss Special Services that the Client Requests

Some clients may request special services, such as carpet cleaning or window washing. Be sure to discuss these services with the client and get all the specifics so that you can include them in your bid.

Determine How Much Time the Job Will Take

Once you have all of the information you need, you can start to determine how much time the job will take. This includes factoring in travel time, set-up time, and cleaning time. Longer jobs should be charged a higher fee to offset time/effort for you and any employees you may have.

Factor In the Cost of Supplies

When you’re bidding on a job, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of supplies. This includes items like soap, sponges, and garbage bags. You should also ask your client if they will provide any supplies for you.

Add Your Profit Margin

Once you’ve determined how much it will cost you to complete the job, you can add your profit margin. This is the amount of money that you’ll make for completing the job after deducting all costs. A good rule of thumb is to add 20-30% to your total cost.

Compare Your Quote to Competitors

Once you’ve calculated your quote, it’s important to compare it to your competitors. This will help you confirm that you’re charging a fair price for your services.

Create a Bid Proposal

The last step in the process is to create a bid proposal. This document should include all of the information that you’ve gathered during the research and quotation process. Be sure to include your contact information, a detailed description of the services you’re offering, and your price quote.


Where to Find Cleaning Jobs

Now that you know how to create a bid, let’s discuss where you can actually find cleaning jobs. There are a few different places you can look:

-Online job boards: Online job boards are a great place to find cleaning jobs. You can search for open positions by location, type of job, or keyword.

-Classified ads: Another option is to search for cleaning jobs in classified ads. This can be done online or in print publications.

-Local businesses: Finally, you can reach out to local businesses and ask if they need help with their cleaning. This includes things like office buildings, retail stores, and restaurants.

-Government buildings: Government buildings are another option for finding cleaning jobs. You can contact your local government office to see if they have any open positions.



Bidding on cleaning jobs and contracts can be a great way to grow your business. By following these tips, you can ensure that your bid stands out from the competition and that you’re getting the job that you want.