“Deep Cleaning” vs “Move Out Cleaning”: What’s the Difference?

If you’re starting a cleaning business, you may be considering offering deep cleaning services in addition to your regular cleaning services. But, what exactly is deep cleaning, and how does it differ from move-out cleaning? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at deep cleaning vs move-out cleaning so you can decide which services to offer at your business.


What Is a “Deep Cleaning” Service?

Deep cleaning is a more thorough form of cleaning than maintenance cleaning that occurs regularly. Deep cleaning involves moving furniture, cleaning walls, drapes and other hard-to-manage items. Essentially, deep cleaning gets into all the nooks and crannies of a space to remove dirt, dust, and grime that regular cleaning may miss. Deep cleaning is often done in businesses and homes that haven’t been cleaned in a while, or that need a more thorough cleaning than usual.

Some tasks that typically fall under the “deep cleaning” category include:

– Washing windows

– Cleaning baseboards and moldings

– Moving and/or cleaning furniture

– Turning bed mattresses and rearranging furniture

– Cleaning kitchen appliances inside and out

Deep cleaning services are more expensive than regular cleaning services because they require more time and effort. But, if you have a client who is looking for a thorough clean, deep cleaning may be the right service for them.


What Is a “Move Out” Cleaning Service?

Move-out cleaning is generally called for when a tenant or home owner moves out of a property. Move-out cleaning is extensive and includes a deep-cleaning of the entire home, as well as cleaning of furnishings, light fixtures and touch-up painting as required. Move-out cleaning generally includes all the same deep-cleaning tasks as a regular deep clean, plus additional tasks like shampooing carpets and polishing floors. This ensures that the property is left in pristine condition for the next tenants or owners.

Move-out cleaning is often performed by professional cleaners who specialize in this type of deep cleaning. If you’re starting a cleaning business, you may want to consider offering move-out cleaning services in addition to deep cleaning and regular cleaning.

Some typical move-out cleaning tasks include:

– Shampooing carpets and polishing floors

– Cleaning kitchen cabinets inside and out

– Cleaning appliances inside and out

– Washing windows inside and out

– Deep-cleaning bathroom porcelain and fixtures

– Cleaning baseboards and moldings


What Are the Primary Differences Between the Two? 

The primary difference between deep cleaning and move-out cleaning is that deep cleaning can be done at any time, while move-out cleaning is only done when tenants or owners are moving out of a home.

Furthermore, though move-out cleaning generally includes all the same tasks as deep cleaning, it also includes additional tasks like shampooing carpets, polishing floors and extensively cleaning in the bathrooms and kitchen.



So, should you offer deep cleaning or move-out cleaning services at your business? That depends on your target market. If you’re targeting businesses, a deep cleaning may be the right service for you. However, if you’re targeting property owners or tenants, move-out cleaning may be a better fit. Keep in mind that you will charge more for a move out cleaning than you will for deep cleaning, due to the nature and requirements of move-out cleaning. 

No matter which services you decide to offer, remember that quality of service and customer satisfaction should always be your top priorities.