What’s Included In Deep Cleaning Services + Checklist Template

One of the best services you can provide as a cleaning service is deep cleaning. This is the process of cleaning rooms and everything in those rooms, including floors, ceilings and walls.  It’s a more thorough cleaning than the typical weekly or bi-weekly cleaning routine and clients will be impressed with the results. In this article, we’ll go over deep cleaning services and provide a handy checklist template for you to use in your own business.


What Is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is just as it sounds – a more thorough clean than what you typically do on a day-to-day basis. This means getting into all the nooks and crannies, getting rid of any dirt, grime or build-up, and leaving the space sparkling clean. This type of cleaning is usually done once a month or so, depending on the space and how often it’s used.


What Should You Keep In Mind While Deep Cleaning?

There are a few things you should keep in mind while deep cleaning:

-Be fully prepared as you may be cleaning areas that haven’t been touched in months.

– Make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand before you start. This includes items such as, reusable clean cloths, sponges, cleaning solution, stain removers, vacuum cleaner, carpet steam cleaner, drapery cleaner, hardwood floor cleaner and any other specialty equipment. 

– Deep cleaning can be time-consuming, so make sure you allocate enough time to do the job properly.

– Always check with your client prior to cleaning if special items shouldn’t be touched or if special cleaning products or solutions need to be used on flooring or furnishings. Make careful notes of these details to avoid damages during cleaning.

– Pay attention to detail and don’t skip any steps. A deep clean is only as good as the effort you put into it.


What Tasks Are Included in Deep Cleaning Services?

There are a few key tasks that are usually included in deep cleaning services. These are:

Cleaning common rooms:

– Dusting: This includes dusting all surfaces. Start at ceiling level and dust every item as you move down toward the floor (this allows dust in the room to float down without affecting items above that were just dusted). Pick up, pull out, turn inside out every item to clean it and the surface underneath it. Use polish for hardwood furnishings and a mild cleaning solution for other surfaces. Clean every item on every piece of furniture and then the furniture itself.

– Vacuuming: This includes not just the floors, but any upholstered furniture, as well. Spot or steam clean stains or spills on upholstered furniture (if furniture is leather, apply a specific cleaning solution)

– Mopping: If the floors are wood, vacuum only. If floors are synthetic, vinyl or manufactured wood, use cleaning products as recommended. 

– Cleaning windows and mirrors: This includes both the inside and outside of windows, as well as any mirrors in the space.

Cleaning kitchens:

Cabinets & Drawers: Remove all items out of kitchen cabinets and drawers. Clean interior shelving throughout. Replace the items. 

Sinks & Counters:  Scrub the sink thoroughly. Clean all counters with antibacterial spray and dry. 

Clean stove cooktop:  Remove stove burner covers. Clean the cooktop with an approved cleaning solution. Wipe dry. 

Clean oven:  Clean oven with oven cleaner or clean at very high heat, per oven instructions. 

Clean freezer & refrigerator: Remove all food items, bins, containers and shelving. Clean the refrigerator from the top down, starting with the freezer. Remove outdated or spoiled items. Wipe shelving, bins, containers and trays with cleaning solution and dry. Replace shelving and trays, bins and containers and replace food items. 

Clean floors:  Mop the kitchen floor according to type of flooring. Allow to dry. 

Cleaning bathrooms:

  Clean sinks, tub and shower enclosures. Use a calcium-remover if buildup exists. Remove mildew or mold with products that are safe for bathroom surfaces and fixtures. 

Clean all glass on showers, removing calcium-buildup as needed. 

Clean all countertops and vanity tops. Remove items from shelving and clean shelves. Replace items. 

Clean toilets with disinfectant and scrub out any discolored porcelain..

Replace air filters/Clean vents: 

If possible, replace air filters for air conditioners and HVAC systems. If replacement is not possible, vacuum filters to remove dust build-up. Clean all room vents.

Cleaning Exterior Spaces

Clean exterior areas as directed by your client. This may include pressure washing sidewalks, patios and driveways. Cleaning furniture and stairways may be included. Door mats should be cleaned and outer eating areas and play areas cleaned and straightened. 


Deep Cleaning Checklist Template

Here’s a handy checklist template you can use for deep cleaning services. This is by no means exhaustive, but it covers the key areas you’ll need to focus on:


________  Cabinets & Drawers: Remove all items. Clean interior shelving & doors.

________  Sinks & Counters:  Scrub the sink. Clean all counters with antibacterial spray.

________  Stove Cooktop:  Remove burner covers. Clean and wipe dry. 

________  Microwave Oven: Clean interior thoroughly. Clean door and panel. Wipe dry.

________  Oven: Clean with oven cleaner or clean at very high heat, per oven instructions.

________  Freezer: Remove all food. Clean freezer, wipe interior. 

________  Refrigerator: Remove all food. Wipe walls, clean bins, containers and shelves.

________  Flooring. Mop using a solution recommended for type of flooring. Dry.


________  Sink, tub and shower enclosure: Clean; use calcium-remover, if needed. 

________  Remove mold or mildew: Use approved products, as needed.

________  Glass:  Clean all glass on shower enclosures. Dry.

________  Countertops & vanity tops: Remove items, clean & replace items. 

________  Toilet: scrub to remove mildew, mold, etc. Disinfect. 

________  Flooring: mop using a solution recommended for type of flooring. Dry.  

                                                                 Common Rooms:

________  Dusting: Clean from the top down, removing items from shelving. Clean all items. Clean all shelves. Clean all furnishings and table tops. Dust lamps and fixtures. 

________  Vacuuming: Vacuum floors, upholstery. Spot or steam clean, as needed.

________  Flooring: Synthetic, vinyl or manufactured wood; use recommended cleaning products

________  Windows & Mirrors: Clean inside and outside of windows. Clean window frames. Use window cleaner to clean all mirrors. 

                                                                 Air Filters/Vents:

________  HVAC Air Filters: replace if possible. Alternatively, clean with vacuum.

________  Vents: Vacuum interior vents

                                                                Exterior Spaces:

________  Clean exterior spaces as requested by your client. 

This is just a basic deep cleaning checklist. You can add to it or adjust it as needed to fit your own business.

Deep cleaning services are a great way to impress clients and leave their homes or businesses sparkling clean. By following this checklist, you can be sure that you’re covering all the key areas that need to be deep cleaned.