How To Write a Cleaning Proposal That Converts to a Paying Customer + Template & Samples

It’s no secret that cleaning proposals can be the key to landing new clients. But, all too often, entrepreneurs make simple mistakes that can crush their chances of converting potential customers into paying clients. In this article, we’ll outline how to write a cleaning proposal that converts and provide a template you can use to get started.


Why Should You Write a Cleaning Proposal?

A cleaning proposal is essentially a document that outlines your cleaning services, defining the best of what your company can do for potential clients. This document should be clear, concise, and professional. It should also be tailored to each individual client; no one wants to read a generic cleaning proposal.


What Should You Include In Your Proposal To Convert Clients?

Your cleaning proposal is your chance to make a good first impression on potential clients. As such, it’s important to include all of the key information that will convince them to choose your company over the competition. Here’s what you should include:

– Your Logo: Make sure your proposal features your company logo prominently. This will help potential clients remember your company and give them a visual to associate with your brand.

– Attractive Design: First impressions matter! Be sure to use an attractive, professional design for your cleaning proposal.

– Your Contact Information: Include your contact information (phone number, email address, website, etc.) in your cleaning proposal so that potential clients can easily get in touch with you. Also include your certification background and your business license number.

– Company Introduction: Give potential clients a brief overview of your cleaning company, including your experience, services offered, etc. Offer a few quotes from satisfied customers to help convince your client that you are in high demand.

– Client Needs Assessment: Outline the specific needs of your potential client and how your cleaning services can address these needs. Look for ways to go beyond what your competitors may have offered. Perhaps you will offer to include weekly cleaning of a child’s backyard fort or sanitize the toys of a toddler on a monthly basis. Go beyond the “norm” to recognize what services really matter to your prospective client.

-Services Provided & Pricing: Be sure to list out all of the cleaning services you will provide, along with pricing information.

– Guarantees & Warranties: Many potential clients will be looking for cleaning companies that offer guarantees or warranties on their services. If your company offers this type of protection, be sure to include it in your proposal.


Cleaning Proposal Template & Sample

Now that you know what to include in your cleaning proposal, it’s time to start writing. Use the following template and sample cleaning proposal to get started.



CLEANING PROPOSAL PREPARED FOR: _____________________(Name of potential client)


Company Address________________

Your Name____________________

Email address_________________


Dear __________,


Thank you for considering ____________ (COMPANY) for your cleaning needs. We are a company with ___________ (YEARS) of experience behind us. We are generalists because we clean everything; however, we also specialize when needed. If you would like to add any services that you feel are needed, such as  ___________ (TYPE OF CLEANING) or ________________, we are prepared to serve you in this regard, as well.

We believe our services are of the highest quality and our pricing is competitive with others. However, to give you a full picture of who we are and what we are prepared to do for you, here is a list of services within one of our most popular cleaning packages in the following proposal. 

I will be in touch with you soon to answer any questions and to schedule a free consultation with you at a time convenient for you.

Thank you again for your interest in __________(Company Name). We look forward to serving YOU! 







– Service 1: ___________ (DESCRIPTION) – $___________ (PRICE)

– Service 2: ___________ (DESCRIPTION) – $___________ (PRICE)

– Service 3: ___________ (DESCRIPTION) – $___________ (PRICE)

– Service 4: ___________ (DESCRIPTION) – $___________ (PRICE)

– Service 5: ___________ (DESCRIPTION) – $___________ (PRICE)

– Service 6: ___________ (DESCRIPTION) – $___________ (PRICE)